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Having a home sweet home is great but what they don’t say is that it needs to be a home clean home as well. Cleaning your home may look daunting. After all, we all have a busy life with work, personal commitments, and no time to clean. But after I recall the benefits of a clean home, you’ll want to scrub yours. So, I’ll share my best tips to finally have a tidy home without being overwhelmed.

Benefits of a clean home

Healthy house, healthy body

Keeping your house free of dust can make a huge difference if you suffer from allergies, as dust mites and other particles are reduced significantly with regular cleaning.

Additionally, bacteria and germs can be controlled through cleaning as they tend to build up with clutter. Reducing bacteria and viruses prevents you from being ill. Nice benefit, isn’t it?

When your keep surfaces around the house clean, you’ll also eliminate any hazardous paths that may form due to books or toys scattered around. Trust me on the last one; it can change a lot!

When I was a teenager, my room was messy, and I sprained my ankle due to a shoe I didn’t see. I won’t tell you all my life but let me tell you that if I knew I would sprain my ankle so much after that, I would have cleaned that room. Or at least the floor. Teenager me sure wasn’t a neat freak!

A clean home helps you focus

Clean space, clean mind

Do you stress that someone could stop by and see your not-so-clean house? It may look like a light stress source, but if it lasts too long, it can still impact your mental well-being.

Picture the feeling of walking into a room that is free from mess and chaos. You would instantly feel more relaxed and ready to focus on tasks or simply soak up the peacefulness of peaceful surroundings. Taking the time to declutter gives you a sense of control while also cultivating intent around how you want to feel and think.

When you want to focus, you need white space, mentally and physically. Clutter bothers you by stealing that clean space from you.

Clean home, better finances

Keeping a tidy home can do wonders for your bank account! Not only does it save time from constantly having to search for items, but it also prevents you from buying things you already own. Think about the last time you searched for something but ended up rebuying it because you couldn’t find it. It’s frustrating and costs you money that could be better spent.

Having too many belongings in your house also makes it more difficult to maintain everything in good shape. When the cabinets are packed, it’s too easy to push everything, hoping you’ll be able to put away one more item and end up breaking something.

And what about storage units? Would you need them if your house was tidier?

Where to start to have a tidy home?

Cleaning habits

Create cleaning habits for your home

Having a tidy home doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor. You can take small steps towards creating and maintaining a cleaner home.

Start by forming one good daily cleaning habit. Focus on it for several weeks until it becomes second nature. Then add another one, and keep going from there! You can add more to your cleaning routine over time as you get into the habit of doing these smaller tasks. With consistent effort, having the neat and organized space you want is within reach! 

If you wonder when to add a little cleaning to your day or what habit to form first, don’t worry and look at what you’ll add to your morning cleaning routine.

Follow a cleaning schedule

Keeping a clean space can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when you have many other obligations. But many don’t realize that having and sticking to a simple cleaning schedule can make all the difference!

By following a cleaning schedule, you’ll effortlessly maintain a tidy household without it feeling like being put through too much effort. Even just dedicating fifteen to twenty minutes each day to different areas of the house will help you stay on top of any messes that may otherwise pile up and become daunting tasks.

Finding a good cleaning strategy isn’t hard either. Check out my weekly cleaning schedule for easy tips and techniques to keep your home clean and organized with minimal effort!

Keep the motivation to clean your home

Keeping your home neat and tidy can bring so much joy, satisfaction, and peace of mind. But it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose motivation over time. That is why it’s essential to find a deeper “why” for maintaining your space — something that resonates with you and encourages you to stay on track. It could make all the difference when it comes to tackling those jobs and keeping a consistently clean space. Long-term success starts with understanding your triggers, so take time to reflect and think about what motivates you most.

This is one of the many tips you can use to maintain motivation. I’ve listed several more in a separate article.

A clean home brings many benefits that impact different areas of your life. From a physical standpoint, living in a clean and healthy environment will help you stay alert and active. A tidy space also lets a clear mind focus on the things that matter most to you. Financially, a well-kept home can save money by preventing damage and repairs.

When it comes to having a tidy home, everyone has to start somewhere. By developing good cleaning habits and following a set schedule, you can declutter your space and mind in no time. To get started on your journey to tidiness, be sure to grab my free cleaning schedule!

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