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My messy office needs help!

If you’re like me and have been working from home for a while, chances are your once neat and organized home office looks more cluttered than it used to. What was once a sanctuary of productivity has quickly descended into chaos again – often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with our messy office.

Don’t worry, though, if your desk is full of papers, if there’s no space in the drawers anymore or if you’ve completely lost track of where all your important documents are, then I can promise you this blog post will help! In this article, I’ll be providing expert tips on how to organize an office so that it feels productive, efficient, and comfortable – because who wants to keep on struggling with their organizing problems? Let’s get started!

Declutter your office

This can seem intimidating, but keep in mind that by decluttering your messy home office, you can make it easier to organize. Start by sorting through all the things in your home office and deciding what needs to stay and what should go. Make sure to not only clear surfaces but also organize those important documents and files into labeled folders, so they are easy to access whenever needed. To know what can easily go away, check my declutter checklist. Decluttering may take a bit of time upfront, but the effort will be worth it.

Your office doesn't have to stay messy.

How to arrange office furniture?

You want your office to be comfortable for everyone and function well for the tasks at hand. To start off, make sure your biggest pieces are organized: your desk, filing cabinet, bookshelves, and computer station pieces. 

Place the desk

To ensure that you maximize comfort and productivity, it all starts with finding the right spot for your desk. Find a location in your home office with plenty of natural light, if possible. But think about how much glare will fall onto your computer screen. You wouldn’t want it getting in the way when you’re trying to focus! If you don’t have enough natural light, invest in some good task lighting to comfortably read, write, and focus during the day. It’s best to keep your desk away from high-traffic areas such as the door and windows to avoid distractions. Placing it at a slight angle will also make it easier to move around and access whatever you need quickly.

Set the storage

Placing storage in the home office will help you keep your workspace organized and ensure everything is easy to find when needed. Installing shelves or drawers can be an inexpensive way to add more storage space while also helping break up empty space walls. Additionally, if you’re trying to avoid having your office look messy, consider open-design shelving that allows you to store items out in the open. This will add dimension and texture without overwhelming the area. If you’re looking for more discreet alternatives, try incorporating wire baskets that can easily fit into corners or small spaces.

Finally, if you’re having trouble getting the furniture exactly where you want it, don’t forget that moving things around sometimes takes trial and error. But don’t be afraid to get creative! With a few simple steps and patience, you’ll be able to arrange your office furniture in a way that works perfectly for you.

Organize your office walls

Office wall organization

Office wall organization can be a great way to keep your workspace feeling organized and efficient. By displaying important documents, reminders, calendars, and planning tools on the wall in plain sight, you can quickly access the information you need without rummaging through a desk or filing cabinet. Utilizing stylish frames and bulletin boards is also an aesthetically pleasing way to add a decorative touch while keeping things in order!

Another solution for your messy office is to add a peg board to hang all of your daily necessities, like headphones, cords, pens, and paperclips, in one place.

Making sure the items on your walls are grouped together in an orderly fashion will help even more with tidying up your work area and giving your office the calm mood you crave.

Over the desk

The desk makes the office feel messy. Only keep on it what you use at least weekly. The rest can go in drawers or on shelves within arm’s reach. Then, put what’s left in containers: a tray for the papers, a pot for your pens, etc. To reduce visual clutter, choose products with similar colors and designs so everything looks cohesive. 

Then, keep some space for what you are working on. It’s so much easier when you don’t have to push things away to see your work!

Next, don’t be afraid to make room for a few items that inspire confidence and motivate you. Adding photos of family members or small potted plants can liven up the workspace!

Finally, don’t forget to tidy everything before leaving your desk. All you’ll need is one minute or two, and it will save you from reorganizing your desk from zero in a few weeks.

Tidy up your drawers to leave your messy office behind

How to organize desk drawers

It’s easy to let desk drawers become a catch-all for random objects. So to get your desk drawers organized, start by removing everything and giving the drawers a quick wipe down with a damp cloth or paper towel. Then, sort items into categories that make sense for what you need at hands, such as stationery, tools, tech accessories, and other office supplies. If the drawers are deep enough, store larger tools or items in plastic containers with lids. It’s also helpful to use drawer organizers to contain similar items and free up space for other important supplies. Another cost-effective way to corral small objects is to create small boxes from cardboard. And finally, don’t forget to periodically declutter and discard anything that you no longer need or use.

How to organize a desk without drawers

No drawer, no problem! Just because you don’t have drawers doesn’t mean that your desk cannot stay neat and tidy. All it takes is a few creative solutions and a little bit of effort! Utilize  stackable paper trays and boxes of different sizes. You can even reuse shoe boxes to store items such as extra writing utensils or supplies.

You can also add a stand with drawers for your computer. You’ll be more at ease when working and get some much-needed space to put away tiny stationeries. And to avoid having too many things lying on your desk, use the walls around you to store them.

Your no more messy office

A well-organized and tidy office can do wonders for your productivity levels – not to mention your mental health. It’s not as hard as you may think. First, you’ll start by decluttering. Then rearrange your furniture and think about how to use the walls to display your calendar and last notes. After that, you’ll clear your desktop of everything you don’t use regularly and use boxes to organize your drawers. If you don’t have drawers, no worries. Add some storage on your desktop or the walls. You won’t be overwhelmed anymore. The last detail, tidy it daily, never to have to organize it again. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect – just make sure it works for you and helps you stay organized.

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