Your neat and clean home is wanting for you

My cat’s cleaning is a website that provides resources for people wanting a neat and clean home without losing their mind in the process.

You’ll find the tips I use to have a clean home where I live, instead of an endless list of tasks to do every week. You’ll discover my cleaning schedule so you can create your own and enjoy your weekends again. Cleaning products can also be simple, and I will show you my eco-friendly solutions.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a neat freak. To be honest, when I was younger, one of the things I loved in my tiny apartment was how quickly I was able to clean it. In 3 hours, I cleaned it from top to bottom and forgot about cleaning for way longer, I would admit here. So, fellow messy people, I hear you! There is hope for you to have a neat and clean home.

You may ask, but who are you, Katell?

A portrait: I'm a woman with dark hair, I'm smiling and cat's ear are drawn on top of my head

I’m a french woman (so please pardon my English!). I live with my significant other in an apartment in a city named Nantes. I’m a tech geek, cat lover, and binge reader. So be reassured, I won’t explain that you need to get rid of all your precious books! I also love to cook vegan meals and try gluten-free recipes with variable results.

Living with somebody else has been a challenge for my cleaning skills. And, after trying to clean “when things get dirty,” I gave a try to a routine, and it clicked. Some cleaning methods you can find online are only for day-to-day habits; others are for the tasks that you do quarterly or less.

I wanted to create one routine to do all of this. It took me a few weeks of brainstorming, but it was there in the end. We have been using this routine for two years now and, even when life throws us curveballs, it still works.

When I told some friends that I did my cleaning in less than 2 hours per week, they wanted to know my method. It was the beginning of My cat’s cleaning. My goal is to help you create the routine you need to never be swamped with housework again.

Where to begin to finally have this neat and clean home?

Let’s start with my weekly cleaning schedule. Then, you’ll have a great base to build the rest of your routine.
But if you’re more in a rush, why don’t you look at my checklist for cleaning before your guests arrive?
And if you want to declutter before cleaning, I have a list of 83 things you can get rid of right now!