My weekly cleaning schedule

What could a weekly cleaning schedule do for you? Imagine you come home, and you have 20 minutes before preparing dinner. You know you should spend that time cleaning. Will you :

  1.  wander from the kitchen to the living room and back, wondering what needs your attention first before slumping on the couch with a guilty conscience?
  2. Or will you go straight to the bathroom and tackle the cleaning of the day to be able to relax after dinner?

For some people, cleaning comes almost naturally, but for most, like me (and you?), having a cleaning schedule will, in fact, make cleaning easier. And it’s less work than you think! So let’s have a look at this routine!

Why is a weekly cleaning schedule important?

It helps you keep the cleaning on track and you won’t have to worry about nasty surprises like when you figure out that the trash can really needs to be emptied ASAP. 

A schedule will also reduce overwhelm and stress. Have you heard about decision fatigue? This is when you have to make so many decisions that, in the end, even the most trivial seems impossible to make. I’ve created my schedule for that reason. I knew I needed to focus my energy on cleaning instead of deciding what to clean. Now, I only have to follow what’s written on the schedule!

How to stick to the weekly cleaning routine?

First, you’ll need to plan strategically. Know when you’ll clean during the day. Maybe it will be part of your morning routine, or you can decide to do it as soon as you come back from work. You can also do part of it after the kids go to bed. Choose what works for you.

If you have an irregular schedule, some days will still look alike. So try to get some routine on those days.

My second tip is to keep the cleaning manageable. I give you a schedule but you can customize it to accommodate your family life. For example, if your kid plays softball on Wednesdays and you can’t clean at all those days, do a little more on the other days of the week.

Don’t aim to have a sparkling clean home. After all, you’ll clean again the week later and get better results. Also, keep your cleaning supplies where you use them to make cleaning easier.

You can also share the load with other members of your household. For example, your toddler can put away their toys with your help. Older children can help remove the clutter or fold the laundry. They may drag their feet but cleaning is a skill that will be useful when they’ll be adults. Your husband (or wife) can also do their share. Cleaning will be done more quickly that way.

Daily tasks

The bases of a good weekly cleaning schedule are small tasks done daily. They will help you keep the rooms neat between cleanings. Think about the tasks you do or would do daily.

Here are mines: 

  • Make the beds
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Do the dishes
  • Wipe down the kitchen counters
  • Sweep the kitchen floor
  • Pick up the clutter
  • Do a load of laundry if needed
  • Fold and put away clean laundry
  • Rince the shower tray and curtain
  • Squeegee shower walls

The weekly cleaning schedule day by day

Monday: the kitchen

On Monday, focus on the kitchen. After the weekend and batch-cooking, it sure needs some love.

  • Remove the clutter
  • Clean the countertops
  • Clean the stovetop
  • Wipe the backsplash
  • Empty the sink, clean and descale it (including the faucet)
  • Toss expired food

Tuesday: the floors

Tuesday is floors day! If you don’t have time to clean the whole house, focus on the high-traffic areas.

  • Vacuum the whole house, including the baseboard
  • Mop the kitchen floor
  • If necessary, mop the entryway and the mudroom

Wednesday: the bathrooms

On Wednesday, we clean the bathrooms. If you don’t have time to clean every bathroom of the house, focus on one a week and the other the week after.

  • Clean and descale the sink
  • Wipe the countertops
  • Wipe the mirrors
  • Scrub the toilet and wipe it (begin from top to bottom and out to in)
  • If necessary, mop the floor around the toilet
  • Clean the shower tray or bathtub
  • Change the towels
  • Take out the trash

Thursday: the shared living spaces

On Thursday, we tackle the shared living spaces. This is more a tidy day than a cleaning day but that’s not a reason to forget to wipe down the tables!

  • Remove clutter (including in the entryway)
  • Dust knick-knacks on the shelves
  • Dust the television, gaming systems, etc.
  • Wipe down the coffee table and side tables
  • Fold the blankets and fluff the pillows

Friday: the bedrooms

On Friday, your kids can help you with their bedroom.

  • Put clothes away
  • Put toys away
  • Change the bedding
  • Remove everything from bedside tables and dresser and wipe down all the items and the surfaces before putting everything back.

Saturday: the monthly tasks

Saturday is for the monthly tasks. So pick one of those tasks, put on some music, and get it done!

  • Deep clean the kitchen
  • Deep clean the bathroom
  • Clean what’s hanging on the walls and the shelves you don’t clean weekly
  • Keep time for the huge cleaning you do once a year

Sunday: time to relax and see the benefits of your weekly cleaning routine!

We keep Sunday for some much-needed chill time. After all that you’ve done during the week, take your time to enjoy your house and your family.

Illness, limited mobility, or exhaustion

Unfortunately, for different reasons, you may not be able to clean as much as you would. What to do if that happens to you?

  • Ask for help from your friends or family
  • Don’t aim to do as much as you would do when everything is fine
  • Clean for shorter periods of time but be consistent

Whatever you manage to do is a step in the right direction but don’t try to run when you’re only able to have a small walk.

My cleaning schedule, secret to a clean home

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