The teenage bedroom cleaning checklist to help your teen have a clean space

If you are a teenager, live with one, or remember from your teenage years, you know we tend to be a mess at this age. There is so much to deal with at the same time! But it’s also when we start needing adulting skills, like… cleaning! The best way to learn to clean is by taking care of your space. Then, your parents will have one less reason to enter your room. Ready? So keep reading and grab your teenage bedroom cleaning checklist!

Do a decluttering session in your bedroom with this checklist

Decluttering your room makes cleaning quicker as we have less to tidy up and less to move around when cleaning. The rule of thumb here is to part your stuff into 3 parts: what you keep, what you donate, and when you throw away. Then, you put away what you keep, donate and throw the rest. So, get it done and remove from your room:

  • Clothes you don’t love, that don’t fit, or are beyond repair
  • Shoes you don’t wear, are uncomfortable or worn-out
  • Accessories you don’t use
  • Books you won’t read or reread
  • Games you won’t play with again
  • Knick-knack you don’t love anymore
  • Food that shouldn’t be here
  • Writing tools and stationery that don’t work or are useless
  • Electronics you don’t use anymore and their accessories

Before putting away what you keep, take some time to dust your shelves, drawers, and flat surfaces. And once you’ve tidied everything, vacuum the floor to remove the dust you’ve moved during your session.

Daily tasks in a teenage bedroom

Air the room, Make the bed, Put away clothes lying around, Put dirty laundry in the hamper, Put away daily mess

Once you have decluttered your bedroom, keeping up with daily tasks is essential to maintain a clean and tidy space between cleanings. Start your morning by airing the room for 10 minutes whenever possible. It will make the atmosphere and your bed healthier and help with some nasty smells that can appear at night. Then, make your bed. You’ll get a quick win to start your day, and your room will look more organized. At the end of the day, put away any clothes lying around and put dirty laundry in the hamper. Lastly, keep surfaces clutter-free by putting away items you’re not using. These daily tasks will help keep your room fresh and tidy and make the weekly tasks easier. Win-win situation!

Weekly teenage bedroom cleaning checklist

Tidy the room, Change the bedding, Dust surfaces and knick-knacks, Empty the trash can and put a fresh bag, Vacuum the floor and carpets, Water your plants

Weekly cleaning is the core of your cleaning routine.

First, tidy up your room. It will be quick if you keep up with the daily tasks. Then, change the bedding. We spend many hours in our beds, leaving dead cells and sweat in them. Gross, you said? Yes. So strip that bed! Next, dust all the surfaces and knick-knacks to make them shine (and limit dust mites). After that, leave compost in the backyard and empty the trash can before putting a fresh bag into it. Finally, vacuum the floors and carpets to help remove dirt, dust, and pet hair. And, if you have any plants in your room, show them some love by watering them and checking they are healthy.

Monthly tasks

Dust wall decorations, Wipe furniture, Straighten your closet

In addition to the weekly cleaning checklist, monthly tasks will help keep your bedroom in shape.

Once a month, you should dust wall decorations. You should also wipe down furniture with a damp cloth and wood cleaner for a deeper clean. And don’t forget to straighten your clothes closet. It’s so much easier to choose what to wear for the day when you can see all your options!

Less frequent tasks that need to be on a teenage bedroom cleaning checklist

Even if you don’t do these tasks as often, they will maintain your room healthy and inviting.

Clean the windows and frame, Dust ceiling lamp and fan, Wipe the switches and door, Change the mattress protector and vacuum the mattress, Vacuum the air vents

Let’s start with quarterly tasks! First, clean the windows and frame to get as much sunlight as possible. After all, just like plants, we need it. Then, dust the ceiling lamp and fan and wipe the switches and door. Finally, remove the mattress protector, vacuum the mattress, and put a clean protector on it. While you have the vacuum at hand, don’t forget to take care of the air vents!

Declutter the room, Clean the radiator

I know you’ve already decluttered your room, but doing it every 6 months will help keep your closet and the rest of your room under control. At the same time, you should also clean the radiator as it tends to collect dust.

Wash the curtains, Wash the comforter and the pillows

Lastly, you’ll wash the curtains every year to remove the dust. Also, clean the comforter and the pillows. Even if they are protected, they get dirty during the year.

Get your printable teenage bedroom cleaning checklist

I created a printable bedroom cleaning checklist to help you keep your bedroom clean and tidy. You won’t get long explanations, only the essentials to remind you of the tasks you should do each week, month, and less frequently.

This checklist and a little work from you will ensure that your bedroom always looks its best!

Finally, what's a teenage bedroom cleaning checklist?

Keeping your bedroom clean and organized can be a challenge, especially for teenagers. By following a teenage bedroom cleaning checklist regularly, you can make sure that your bedroom stays clean and healthy. Doing weekly tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, and washing bedding will keep your room looking its best. Monthly tasks such as dusting wall decorations and wiping down furniture will help keep dust away. Finally, less frequent tasks such as cleaning the windows, decluttering, and washing the comforters should also be included on your checklist. Don’t forget to grab my checklist to keep your bedroom clean and organized easily!

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