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Craft your perfect morning cleaning routine with these 12 habits

Maybe a morning cleaning routine seems odd to you, but when you come home after your workday, how does it feel? You’d like your house to be your oasis of calm, but as soon as you enter, you see shoes near the door, a coat on the sofa, and the dishes from the day before that are still in the sink?

Pile of dirty dishes like plates, pot and cutlery in the sink

Do you know that, with only a few switches in your morning cleaning routine, you could feel welcomed when crossing your home door?

What to put in this morning cleaning routine?

Make you bed

Making your bed is done in minutes and makes your room seem tidier. It’s a good beginning for your routine as it’s a no-brainer. Once you’ve done this small task, it will be easier to continue with others.

Air your bedroom

While you sleep, you emit water vapor and carbon dioxide. Airing your bedroom will help prevent mold, reduce indoor air pollution and avoid those not-so-good smells. So, open this window for 10 minutes and go do something else in the meantime!

Put away dry dishes

Woman Arranging Plates In Dishwasher

If you have an evening cleaning routine, the odds are that you wake up on dry dishes on the dish rack or in the dishwasher. Take a few minutes to empty it. Then, cleaning or putting away the plates will be easier and your kitchen will stay tidier.

Empty the sink

You want to have somewhere to put dishes waiting for you to clean them. If you don’t do the dishes in the evening, the morning is a good time to do it. And yes, you need to do it at least daily.

Sweep the kitchen floor

Woman sweeping the floor

If there is somewhere that collects dust and crumbs, that’s the kitchen floor. If you sweep it regularly, you’ll keep the floors of your whole house cleaner.


Clean countertops make the kitchen look calmer. It’s also simpler to cook your next meal when everything is clean.

Quick pick up

You don’t have to tidy everything. Instead, fold the blanket on the couch, pick up what’s obvious: the cup on the coffee table, the packaging of the chocolate bar you just ate…

Think of it as a reset to your house the day before.

Shower walls

Do you like to descale the shower walls? Me neither. Take a few minutes and a squeegee to remove water from the walls every day, and you’ll have to do the descale chore less often.

Rinse the shower tray

In line with the shower walls, rinse the tray. It will prevent deposits from forming. That means less scrubbing for you, yes!

Bathroom sink

A woman's hand cleaning the bathroom sink

Hair and dental paste… to name a few, the bathroom sink sees many things. Just wipe it with a microfiber that you keep next to it, and your sink will stay clean longer.

Putting a load of laundry on

If you do the laundry regularly, it won’t be so overwhelming. Form the habit of doing it every day, and you won’t need a whole day to catch up.

Folding the day before laundry

Basket with clean laundry on table at home

If you don’t have a dryer, your clothes horse may take up a lot of space. So why don’t you begin the day by getting that space back? Folded or hung clothes will crease less. It’s a good point when you try to convince yourself to put away this laundry.

How to include these cleaning tasks in your morning routine?

Most of these tasks are in rooms where you pass when you get ready in the morning. Add them to your schedule when you’re already there. Think about wiping the shower stall and rinsing the tray at the end of your shower. 

You can do some tasks while waiting for your breakfast to be warm. For example, put those dishes away or clean the countertops.

Use that time just after you wake up when you’re still foggy. You won’t do complicated things right away. But if things have a space to be put away, you don’t have to think about it when picking them up.

You can also wake up earlier. I know it can be difficult for the night owls, and you might think that you’ll never do that. But even 10 minutes can make a significant change at the end of the week.

Mockup of the checklists

And after this morning cleaning routine?

A good routine will allow you to have a neater home every evening. But do you know what to do when one of your friends sends you a text asking if they can stop by? Do you run around wondering what to clean first?

Grab my checklist, and don’t panic clean anymore.

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