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What makes a good cleaning house schedule?

Knowing what to clean and when can be confusing. You must find what works for you according to your time and how quickly your house gets dirty. And there are all the advice, checklists, and printables that you find on the internet. In the end, you get lost in the middle of all of this. You close the google tab and say that you’ll deal with your cleaning house schedule later.
But, such a schedule shouldn’t be that difficult to find. You just have to begin where you are and keep a few questions in mind.

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What’s your cleaning house schedule?

Maybe, you don’t have a schedule at all. You clean your home when you feel up to it, but sometimes, you know it’s not as neat as it should be. You’ve heard about a cleaning schedule, but it seems a big deal for your small apartment. And you don’t have time for that!

Perhaps, you try to follow a schedule someone taught you. You follow it to the T for a few weeks. Then life happens and you tell yourself you’ll do it the next day, and the day after… Before you know it, days or even weeks have passed, and you’re confused about what you must do next.

You can have a schedule you put together yourself. All goes well until you have to search for something behind the couch and oops! It seems that you forgot one task or two.
Can you do better? Yes, but your system exists, and your home is not that bad. So your cleaning schedule (or lack of it) will be a good starting point to improve it.

I lived by myself for around fifteen years when I created my cleaning house schedule. I’ve crafted it because I wanted a system to spend as little time as possible cleaning. I also needed it to be seamless. I don’t have time for fancy routines.
The result is a blend of weekly tasks and chores I do less often. For example, I’ll clean the bathroom sink each week. But I remove the scale from the shower walls only once a month.
And if I don’t have the time or the energy to clean something when I should, I know it won’t become too dirty before the next time comes.

What are the cleaning house schedule parameters?

In my opinion, a good cleaning schedule has 3 characteristics. It must be :

  • easy to follow
  • personal
  • flexible

A simple schedule

Imagine: you found a schedule online, but before you begin cleaning, you have to check which day of the month you are. Then, you’ll wonder if this is a kitchen day or a living room day. Odds are that you’ll feel unmotivated before actually scrubbing anything.
Your goal is to have cleaning become a habit. That way, you’ll be more likely to follow your schedule. The more straightforward the habit is, the easier it is to form, so keep your routine as simple as possible!
Pick a few frequencies and stick to that list. For example, you don’t want tasks to be done every other week and others to be done every three weeks.
It’s easier to remember what’s next when you always do the same tasks together. And soon, you’ll know that when you change your bedsheets, you wash your bath towels as well.

Unique to you

Like you, your home is unique. Let me take an example. I have to clean my desk weekly because I use it a lot. But maybe, you don’t even have one.
On top of that, if you live alone, without pets, you may want to sweep the whole house weekly.
On the other hand, three roommates and two fluffy cats may live in your neighbor’s apartment. As a result, they’ll likely clean more often. So you have to find the balance that works for you.
Think about what makes your home different: maybe you have a messy hobby or dust allergy, and you’ll need to clean more often. But, on the other hand, if you are away three days a week, is it indispensable to mop the floor weekly?

Something flexible

Life likes to throw us curveballs. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to ditch your cleaning schedule each time. In fact, it should be the contrary. If you can’t miss a single day, it might be challenging to follow the whole process.
But imagine that you can choose between doing a little cleaning every day, doing a big chunk in one day, or everything in between. More of that, you can change your mind each week. It’s easier to observe, isn’t it?

What about the unexpected?

You know more now about how to have a better cleaning schedule. But do you have a plan for when friends ask you if they can stop by? Are you team #whateverItsAmess or team #OMGINeedToClean? Do you know that a few well-chosen tasks can make an impact in only 20 minutes? I reveal all of them in my free guide.

Give it to me!

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