How a night cleaning routine can improve your cleaning

This night cleaning routine will free up time during weekends

Who wants to clean when they return to their house in the evening? Almost no one! But still, you hear about a night cleaning routine. What’s the point? What are the benefits? And more importantly, what to clean? Keep reading, and you’ll answer these questions!

What are the benefits of a night cleaning routine?

House reset

Do you want to wake up and walk into your kitchen for your first cup of coffee and see that you don’t have dishes to do or countertops to clean? A nightly cleaning routine allows you that. With a small list of well-chosen tasks, you’ll enjoy time in your calm home before the chaos of the day.

More free time during weekends

A night cleaning routine allows you to enjoy your weekends more.

You can choose to do your weekly cleaning tasks during your night cleaning routine. That will free time during your weekends. But even if you don’t do it, maintaining the cleanliness of your home during the week will make your Saturday scrubbings faster and easier.

Night owl cleaning

You know the benefits of regularly cleaning but are definitely not a morning person? Why don’t you follow your energy levels and clean in the evening? You don’t have to beat yourself to wake up earlier to clean. Night cleaning is as effective as scrubbing as soon you wake up.

When is it time for cleaning?

You can choose to clean before dinner or before going to bed. Each solution has benefits and drawbacks.

When you clean before dinner, you can do noisy tasks like hoovering. If you have children, then can help you depending on their age. But the children still being up can be a downsize as you have to watch them while cleaning. Before the meal, you are also already busy with cooking.

Cleaning before going to bed means that you’re left in peace, and, as the family members won’t have time to untidy the house after you clean it,, it will be neat when you wake up the following morning. But, if you need to relax before sleeping, cleaning can wake you, and falling asleep risks taking longer.

I suggest you decide when to clean depending on the tasks you’ll add to your night cleaning routine.

Before dinner, you’ll do the more demanding and noisy tasks and those that you don’t need to do right before sleeping. Keep your time before sleeping to do a house reset with tasks you’ll soon do on autopilot.

Some evening routine ideas

Empty the sink

Loading and putting on the dishwasher before the night makes the morning easier.

The kitchen feels cleaner when the sink is empty. So, Do the dishes or load and put the dishwasher on. Bonus point: when you’ll wake up, you’ll only have to put away the dishes to have them ready for another day.

Pickup in the living rooms

If you do a regular pickup, the living rooms will stay tidier easily. Only a few minutes can make a huge difference. So scan the room to see what isn’t in its place and put it there.

If your living room is messier, don’t try to neaten everything. Your goal is to reset your house to the state it was the day before.

Fold the laundry

To stay on top of the laundry, one solution is to wash one load a day. Cleaning it is great, but putting it away after that is better, so fold your laundry of the day, and your drier will be ready for the following day’s tasks.

Clean kitchen countertops

Another way to make the kitchen look cleaner is to wipe the countertops. The second advantage of doing so is that the stains won’t dry and stay easy to wash.

Sweep the kitchen floor

To finish resetting the kitchen, take care of the floor. I don’t know about you, but I hate walking on breadcrumbs. To avoid that happening first thing in the morning, nothing beats a nightly sweeping of the floor.

Weekly cleaning tasks

When starting a cleaning routine, one of the goals is to scrub less during weekends. To ensure you meet this objective, incorporate your weekly cleaning tasks into your night cleaning routine. These are the tasks you can do before dinner.

Having an efficient nightly cleaning routine will allow you to maintain your home cleanliness with fewer struggles and less time. So Decide what you’ll put in your routine, then, choose when you’ll apply it and start building your habit of cleaning. One month from now, you’ll feel at ease with it and enjoy your neater home.

Do you want to complete your cleaning routine? Get a look at my list of tasks for your morning routine!

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