What's the difference between regular cleaning vs deep cleaning?

Regular cleaning vs deep cleaning: what’s best?

Several times yearly, you hear people say it’s time for deep cleaning. But you already clean your home regularly and do an excellent job with it (Yay you!). And you don’t have so much time to dedicate to cleaning. So you wonder, are there drawbacks to regular cleaning vs. deep cleaning?

What is a deep house cleaning?

Whether you follow it or not, you already know a common deep cleaning. It happens every year between March and May. Yes, you named it, it’s spring cleaning.

It’s the moment when you vacuum the mattress and move the fridge to clean behind. You begin to see what the changes are between regular and deep cleaning.

What are the differences between standard cleaning vs. deep cleaning?

Regular and deep cleaning: both are cleaning, don't they?

We can’t speak about deep cleaning without speaking of standard or regular cleaning. Standard cleaning is the one you do daily or weekly. I tend to also include in standard cleaning the tasks I do monthly.

On the contrary, deep cleaning is done less regularly. It’s a blend of heavy-duty tasks, like behind the fridge, and tasks that you don’t need to do often. Deep cleaning goes into more detail, like scrubbing the grouts in the shower, while you simply wash the shower floor or tray weekly.

More than a choice between one or the other, regular and deep cleaning complement one another. You maintain the cleanliness of the deep cleaning by doing regular cleaning.

Benefits of deep cleaning

As you carefully clean your house, you’ll remove dust that was hiding in hard-to-reach places, leaving the air healthier. Chances are you’ll also remove grime where bacteria had had time to grow.

Some tasks don’t need to be done weekly or even monthly, but it’s still better to do them once in a while. That’s what deep cleaning is for.

As we clean regularly, we tend to do it automatically, without really thinking about areas we may forget. During a deep cleaning, as we focus on every zone of the house, we may spot things that go under the radar otherwise. 

How often to deep clean the house?

When deep clean your house?

Depending on the tasks, it may be needed quarterly, twice a year, or annually. Your goal is not to wait until it gets too bad before cleaning it. Even if it’s not regular tasks, doing them more frequently will make them easier. Would you prefer scrubbing for less than 10 minutes monthly or three-quarters of an hour every three months?

Start with a frequency you think will be appropriate and adjust after two or three cleanings. When speaking of cleaning an appliance, look at the instructions given with it or ask a professional.

How to deep clean the house?

There are 2 solutions. The first one is doing it all at once, like spring cleaning. This has the advantage that you’ll have peace of mind for a long time. But, when you tackle the cleaning, you have to adjust your planning as it’s exhausting and very time-consuming.

On the other hand, you can do a few tasks each week. You don’t have to schedule so many long hours of cleaning during a sole month. But you’ll never have this feeling of a crisp, clean home as some zones wait for your attention when you have one freshly clean.

Whatever solution you choose, I encourage you to note when you need to deep clean again. As they don’t come frequently, these are the tasks you’ll forget if you don’t write them down. And depending on your tolerance threshold, you may not be able to count on your ability to remark that it’s cleaning time.

You know now that it’s not regular cleaning vs. deep cleaning but regular cleaning and deep cleaning. When you deep clean regularly enough, it’s not a so enormous task. Choose how you’ll clean depending on your schedule and energy, and put it on your calendar not to forget it. Your home and you deserve a nice, clean space!

And you, are you more of the “all-at-once” team, or do you prefer to do it bit by bit? Let me know in the comments!

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