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The Art of Simple Cleaning: My Tips for a Spotless Home

Cleaning, we all would love it was easier. Imagine a bunch of robots tidying the kitchen, washing the windows, and scrubbing the toilets. But those appliances still need to be invented, and you still need to do these tasks on your own. The good news? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple cleaning is a thing, and I’ll show you how to achieve it.

My house is never clean enough

Is that what you think after an exhausting cleaning session? What is your clean enough threshold? Sure, I’d love my apartment to be Pinterest-worthy. But the truth? It never happens. Set attainable goals depending on your life. And remember: done is better than perfect.

Simple solutions for cleaning

Most of the time, contrary to what brands sell you, you don’t need one product for each purpose. For example, I use dish soap or multipurpose cleaner depending on how long I last cleaned the cooker. Embracing this more straightforward approach to cleaning not only saves money but also reduces clutter. 

To further streamline your cleaning routine, keep cleaners in the room where you use them, making them easily accessible and reducing time spent searching for the right product.

Make your cleaning simple by using a cleaning caddy

Another helpful tip is to have a cleaning caddie on hand. This portable organizer can hold all your essential supplies and be easily transported from room to room as you tackle various tasks.

1-hour cleaning

This is a way to start your cleaning with a bang, but unfortunately, unless you tidy and clean your house regularly, you won’t have time to wash everything. This type of cleansing is more about maintaining cleanliness than deep cleaning, ensuring your home remains inviting. But a 1-hour cleaning sprint will still be helpful before guests visit you. To help you prioritize tasks in this case, whether they stay for the night or not, I’ve created a handy checklist you can grab here.

Cleaning made simple

One effective solution to simplify cleaning is by doing it more regularly, breaking down tasks into smaller, more frequent sessions. Doing so will prevent the buildup of dirt and clutter, making each cleaning session faster and more efficient.

Speaking of my example above, I can spend 5 minutes weekly washing the cooker, without much scrubbing, or I can scrub for 1,5 hours every 2 months. Of course, the first solution is easier, isn’t it?

To help you establish a cleaning routine, I’ve created a weekly schedule that you can find here. This easy-to-follow plan will keep your home neater, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and organized living space with minimal effort.

In conclusion, the strategies outlined in this article can significantly affect how you approach household cleaning. Cleaning can be simpler than you think. By embracing a more regular routine, keeping your supplies at hand length, and following a well-structured weekly schedule, you’ll simplify cleaning and maintain a welcoming home. Remember, consistency and balance are crucial to success, allowing you to enjoy a neat and organized living space without feeling overwhelmed. With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to achieving a stress-free and efficient cleaning experience.

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