Cleaning is important to have the cosy home you dream of.

5 reasons why cleaning is important

Cleaning our home. We know we need to do it, but if you ask people, only a few love doing it. Sometimes, or often, we could use a little help in the motivation department to get started. That’s why I’ve created this list of 5 reasons why cleaning is important.

Cleaning for physical health

Viruses and bacteria quickly increase if we allow them, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Cleaning destroys them and improves the hygiene in your home.

We also improve air quality by removing dust, pet dander, mold, and other airborne particles that can pollute our home’s air. Those suffering from asthma or allergies will appreciate being able to breathe deeply.

Overall, we get a healthier environment when we clean regularly. But there is another benefit of which we talk less. Even if this is less efficient than a weekly 1-hour run, cleaning is a physical activity with all its advantages. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, your body will thank you.

Protect your mental health by cleaning

A cluttered or dirty space can have several effects on the mental health. It increases anxiety as our brains aren’t used to so many stimulations. It also affects our stress levels. No need for long explanations here. Do you remember what happened last time you were late and couldn’t find your keys, phone, or wallet?

On the contrary, cleaning your home and the resulting tidy environment will give you a sense of accomplishment, and removing that task from the annoying should-do list also gives you peace of mind and the feeling of being in control. All of these sentiments will help improve your mood.

Keep your house in better shape and safe

Unsurprisingly, our home benefits from our care. When you clean your house, you go into almost every corner of it. That’s a great occasion to check that everything works as it should. Is there a leak in your plumbing? Does mold grow behind the couch? Is that crack in the wall a new one? By doing that, you’ll maintain the value and safety of your home.

But simply tidying and keeping the floors clear enhances your home’s safety. There is no need to be someone with mobility issues to risk tripping on an object left on the floor. Trust the ankle I twisted on a shoe when I was a teen!

Regularly cleaning your furniture, carpets, and other surfaces will remove dirt and germs that could damage them, keeping them looking better. 

Rodents and insects love cluttered spaces and food reminders, so avoiding letting them feel welcome by cleaning and tidying your home is better.

Lastly, even if it doesn’t change the world, you’ll make your house more energy efficient if you clean or change the filters of your heating and cooling devices. Another area needing your attention is the grid behind your refrigerator and freezer. The dust accumulating on it makes the appliance work harder to cool itself. I’m sure that’s not what you want.

Become a better you

Cleaning is important to better focus on the rest later

Sure, having your home clean won’t transform you into a superhuman, but it can help with:

  • Productivity: it’s easier to focus and work efficiently when you reduce distractions and don’t need to search for your supplies
  • Sleep: a tidier bedroom helps you relax for better sleep quality
  • Food: a clean and tidy kitchen is more motivating when it’s time to cook, leading to a healthier meal. Am I the only one who gets discouraged when I need to clean the counter before cutting any veggies? At these moments, I risk snacking on sugary treats that break havoc with my energy. Not the more nourishing choice!
  • Creativity: an uncluttered room gives space for your brain to brainstorm and be creative, leading you to unconventional solutions or some pieces of art?
  • Physical activity: As said before, when you clean your home, you move around, bend down, and stretch, contributing to your daily activity goals. But finding a place to spread your exercise mat is also easier when your floor is clearer. Ready for a short stretching session?

Strengthen your relationships

What happens when some family or friends want to visit you? For long, I had 2 choices: cleaning like my life depended on it, fearing they would judge me otherwise, or offering we meet somewhere else.

Since I started cleaning more regularly, it’s far more manageable. I still prefer a little warning before someone stops by, but give me 20 minutes, and my apartment’s guest-ready. That lets me focus on my guests, enjoying the time with them.

It’s also more pleasant for them to visit you in a clean and welcoming space. Has it happened to you to enter someone else home and wonder where you could sit without getting dirty? It’s an extreme example, but people experience the same feeling to various degrees when entering a room they find cluttered or unclean. 

Why cleaning is important?

I hope these 5 reasons why cleaning is important have helped you find the motivation to get going. Whether for your health, home, or relationships, they will all benefit from a neater house. Remember, cleaning isn’t an all-or-nothing task. You’re on the right path as long as you improve over time.

If you’re wondering where to start, I suggest weekly cleaning tasks. They allow you to feel control and progress quickly, helping you move forward. You’ll get it right!

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