How to store seasonal decorations with clear boxes

How to store seasonal decorations

The leaves’ color is changing, the nights are longer, and Halloween has passed. Sure, the holidays are coming. But do you look forward to putting the decorations up, or are you dreading it because, honestly, the way you store them is not… optimal? A good organization can make it so much easier and fun. In this blog post, I will give you my tips on where and how to store your seasonal decorations so decorating becomes a good time.

How to store seasonal decorations once Christmas is over

Decluttering and organizing seasonal decorations

Every year, we tend to buy new decorations. For the first few years, it allows us to decorate more, but soon, some decor stays in their boxes, and we don’t use them anymore. So the first step to a better organization is to declutter. Do you have some decorations you don’t love anymore? Some that are broken or passed their prime beauty? This is the time to donate (for those in good shape) or toss them.

The second step will be easy if you only have Christmas decorations. First, you’ll have to sort your ornaments by season and occasion. If you have many decorations for one event, you can even sort them by room or category. Then you’ll put everything in boxes. Don’t forget to use bubble wrap for your most precious and delicate items.

How to store seasonal decor

How to store seasonal decorations : use clear plastic boxes

One of the best ways to store seasonal decorations is in big, clear boxes. Use similar boxes to stack them easily, and don’t forget to label them accordingly. For example, you might want to mark one box “Christmas decorations” and another “Easter decorations.” Even if the boxes are clear, you’ll like not to have to guess if the red thing you see through is for Christmas or July 4th.

If any of your decorations are fragile, be sure to label the box accordingly. This way, you can avoid accidental breakage when retrieving your items from storage. 

Where do we put the boxes?

You want them to be easy to get because they can be heavy. But at the same time, you don’t need to reach them often. So they can be on top shelves in the house or the garage if your boxes are airtight. You can also put them in the attic. But remember that the two last solutions may not be suitable for things sensitive to heat, like candles and lights.

Where to store Christmas decorations in an apartment?

When you live in an apartment or a house with little to no storage, finding where to store these decorations you use only once a year can be challenging. You can use free-standing furniture like an ottoman or a chest. If you don’t use it yet, there is also plenty of room under the beds.

When I lived in my tiny apartment, I had a huge closet with a deep shelf at the top. I put all my decorations at the back of the shelf, behind things that were easy to remove. In that manner, the decorations were not in my way for most of the year but were still easy to grab when I climbed on a chair.

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Special tips about how to store seasonal decorations

How to store seasonal decorations and these pesky garlands

A great way to store your garland is to wrap it around a cardboard tube. You can use an empty paper towel roll or wrapping paper tube. Start by wrapping the garland around the tube, leaving about six inches of slack. Once you’ve wrapped it all the way around, tuck the end underneath the garland. To prevent the garland from slipping, you can tape it in place or tie it with a piece of ribbon or string.

If you don’t have enough cardboard tubes, cut a piece of cardboard into a long, thin strip. Then, take your garland and wrap it around the cardboard strip like with the tubes. That’s it!

When ready to use it, simply unwrap the garland from the cardboard and drape it over your mantel or banister. By taking a few minutes to store your garland correctly, you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration later on.

Do you have seasonal pictures that you love but don’t know what to do with them when the season changes? Why don’t you find photos for other seasons? You’ll be able to keep the frame on the wall with all the pictures. Then you’ll change the one that’s in front.

If you still have some frames you need to put away, make so vertically. They’ll collect less dust, and you’ll less likely damage them. And when you’ll need one of them, you’ll like not to have to go through a precarious pile.

First, attic temperatures can fluctuate widely, which can shorten the lifespan of your lights. Second, attics can be dusty places, and if the lights are not in airtight boxes, the dust can build up on them and cause them to malfunction. Finally, if you have pets or small children, there is a risk that they could get into the attic and damage the lights. Overall, storing Christmas lights in the attic can be convenient, but it is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

If your garage is temperature-controlled and free from dampness, then it’s likely an ideal storage spot for your holiday decorations. However, if your garage is prone to extreme temperatures or moisture, it’s best to find another location for your items. Extreme temperatures can shorten the lifespan of your lights, and even moderate heat can soften your candles and make them lose their shape.

Also, be sure to wrap delicate items securely and store them in airtight containers that will protect them from breakage, damage, and dust. With a bit of care, you can ensure that your holiday decorations stay safe and sound until next year.

Finding where to store these decorations you use only once a year can be challenging when you live in an apartment or a house with little to no storage. You can use free-standing furniture like an ottoman or a chest. If you don’t use it yet, there is also plenty of room under the beds. Do you have this deep closet where you can put lots of things behind what you use frequently? Why don’t you stack a few boxes in it?

How to store seasonal decorations: keep in mind to separate the tree bulbs so they don't break

Seasonal decorations are a great way to celebrate the holidays but can also be a big pain to store. The first step is to declutter, and then you’ll organize them by occasion. Use big clear boxes that you’ll label to find better what you need later. Also, don’t forget to label the boxes containing fragile items.

Finally, stack the boxes on top shelves of your closets, in your garage or attic, or under the bed, depending on if your decorations are sensitive to temperatures. Next year, you’ll appreciate finding everything neatly stored, ready for new celebrations.

How do you store your seasonal decorations? Do you struggle with it? If you need more help, please let a comment below.

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