An organized kitchen will help you daily.

7 Effective Kitchen Organization Ideas For Busy People

We all spend time in our kitchens daily. Whether it’s for prepping homemade meals or just grabbing a cup of coffee (or tea, no judgment here!), we need it to be organized! But some areas are tougher to keep tidy: that narrow cabinet that seems only to be there to fill a space between the wall and the stove, that other one above the fridge… Or just the fact that this kitchen is tiny!  That’s why I’ve gathered my kitchen organization ideas so you can put them into practice to enjoy that space of your home at best. Ready?

Orderly counters enhance how you feel in your kitchen and use it

Get organized kitchen counters

It seems like we never have enough counter space, doesn’t it? Yet, we can improve how we use it. First, we need to declutter to keep only what we use almost daily on the counters. It’s tempting not to put away the juicer you use every Sunday for your vitamin C shot. But, in the end, it takes valuable space 6 days over 7. I know that, more often than not, the issue is that there is no room left in the cabinets, so keep reading. There’s a section below about that!

Once you know what you’ll keep on the counters, choose where all of these items will stay. Having a place to put them away, even if it’s on the counter, will help you keep that area organized. To increase that tidied look, use coordinate jars or boxes.

Last, use the space on the wall above the counters. By putting floating shelves, spice racks, or a paper towel holder on the wall, you’ll gain space on the counter, making it easier to clean and keep tidy.

Ditch the mess make the best of the storage space under your sink

Under the kitchen sink organization

The cabinet under the sink is another challenging space, but we can make it more practical with a few tweaks.

The door is an often overlooked zone when organizing. You can also place hooks on the inside for gloves and brushes that need to dry, for example. This will prevent them from molding.

With pipes on the way, we can’t fit the usual shelves into this cabinet, but adjustable half shelves are a great solution to take advantage of its height. You can put them on the back and use baskets in front of them to group similar items. When you need something on the lower shelf, you’ll only need to pull out the baskets without making a mess.

Another way to make the most of the height is to add a tension rod to hang spray bottles to free shelf space.

Those deep drawers can be an organizer dream with the right devices

Get those deep drawers in order

Deep drawers can be a fantastic storage space or a huge mess, depending on how you organize them. Their depth can even be an advantage. Do you have multiple tall food containers? Put them in those drawers and enjoy the fact that you can see all of them without searching at the back of a cabinet! A lid organizer can also find its best place near your pans and pots to gain space in cabinets.

If you prefer to keep smaller items in your deep drawers, you can gather them in bins or boxes. Remember to label the boxes to ensure you quickly find what you need.

Installing a 2-tiers system can also be the solution when those drawers are definitively too deep. Then, you’ll be able to organize almost twice as many items in a single drawer.

With the right organization, your small kitchen won't be an obstacle to your creativity.

Make the best of your small cabinets

For a long time, I lived in small studio apartments. So, the tiny kitchens with tinier cupboards, I know what it’s like! Several things helped greatly.

I always used cabinet shelves to keep the items at the bottom accessible. This is especially useful when your cabinets are not deep, as it allows you to reach everything without having to dig through layers of items.

I also quickly started decanting food into stackable plastic boxes. This prevents the cabinet from becoming messy because of half-empty bags and boxes of various sizes and gives it an orderly look. Opt for clear containers or label them so you can quickly see what’s inside without having to open each one.

Lazy Susans are another fantastic addition, especially for those awkward corner cabinets. They make it easy to access items without knocking over everything else.

Don’t overlook the side of your cabinets. Use hooks or magnetic strips to store utensils, pot holders, or even spice jars. This often-neglected space can become a valuable storage area. Lastly, consider using baskets that you can pull out to access items stored at the back of your cabinets. These baskets act like drawers, making it easy to reach items that would otherwise be lost or forgotten.

Narrow cabinets can be really useful!

Finally use the narrow or high cabinets

Making narrow cabinets work for you

Narrow cabinets often get overlooked, but they can be incredibly useful with the proper organization. They are the perfect space to vertically store items like cookie sheets or cutting boards. This not only saves space but also makes it easier to grab what you need without shuffling through a stack.

Another use of that kind of cabinet is to add a pull-out spice rack, which keeps all your seasonings easily accessible and safe from light that could spoil them.

Slim items like foil, parchment paper, or freezer bags can be neatly stored here too, ensuring everything has its place.

Organize your high kitchen cabinets

High cabinets can be a challenge to access, but they offer valuable storage space, so let’s make the most of them!

Use them for seasonal items or those you don’t use frequently so your everyday essentials stay within easy reach elsewhere. They are also a space where you can keep your kitchen linens. Keeping those cupboards accessible is still necessary. You can store a step stool nearby, which is a practical solution, ensuring you can safely reach those higher shelves whenever necessary. Another improvement would be a pull-down shelving system that would put the cabinet’s content within reach without climbing on anything.

Organize your pantry and enjoy meal prep!

Creative organization ideas for small or open pantries

Making the most of small or open pantries requires a bit of creativity and strategic planning.

Start by decanting food into stackable, coordinated jars or boxes. This is not only about a prettier look but also about keeping the pantry orderly in the long term. Dark and labeled containers will help keep decanted food fresher longer by blocking light. On the other hand, clear containers are perfect for grouping small, similar items like snacks, keeping things tidier and more accessible.

Shelf risers are a great addition for easy access to items at the back, ensuring nothing gets lost or forgotten. You can also install adjustable shelves to accommodate different item sizes and maximize vertical space.

An organize kitchen will become a place you enjoy being

Don’t wait to use those kitchen organization ideas!

An organized kitchen can make a huge difference when it’s time to cook dinner. But it seems every kitchen has at least one of those spaces that are more challenging to keep orderly. Don’t let this decision to organize your kitchen overwhelm you. You may wonder where I start, how I find time for that, and how I arrange a space when I need room in a space I haven’t touched yet?

I get it! Let’s start with the area that bothers you the most. Regarding the time needed, it’s up to you: can you spend 10 minutes daily while dinner is cooking, or would an hour-long session during the weekend work better? When I need more room than is available somewhere that is not organized yet, I use a limited space as a buffer. It can be a box (an ugly one, so it bothers me enough to keep organizing to get rid of it as soon as possible!) or a small part of the counter.

Most importantly, start something. It doesn’t have to be perfect or have a significant impact right away as long as you go in the right direction. So, before you click or tap to quit this page, choose where and when you’ll start organizing and note it on your calendar!

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