Workbook to create a house habit

Ready to create your house habit for a cleaner home?

The Lazy Cat's Guide to a Clean Home

The 30-day challenge for busy working people aiming to clean smarter, not harder, who are ready to create a house habit that sticks without the feeling of cleaning all the time.

You know it: Having a neat home is essential, but cleaning it takes time. And if you’re a busy Cleaner in Chief wearing all sorts of hats, you’d love to have more time for your family and friends or to finally finish the book you started too long ago.

But time is a rare and precious commodity. And actually figuring out how to minimize the time you spend cleaning? It’s not as easy as ordering your perfect morning beverage at your favorite coffee shop.

But, imagine if you could:


Stay on top of your daily cleaning tasks so you spend less time scrubbing during the weekend


Keep your home in order all along the week and open the door to your guests confidently


Clean in little chunks of time so you don’t feel like you’re cleaning All-The-Time.

Yes, you can!


The Lazy Cat's Guide to a Clean Home

The 30-day challenge for busy people who want a clean home without spending all their free time scrubbing.

After taking part in The Lazy Cat’s Guide to a Clean Home, you will:


Understand how to build a habit that sticks


Have a cleaner home and more downtime


Be able to create routines that streamline the domestic tasks so you deal with them at the speed of a cat during its zoomies

And it’s only $17!

A portrait: I'm a woman with dark hair, I'm smiling and cat's ear are drawn on top of my head

Hi, I’m Katell!

I’m a busy, working woman wanting a neat house. But even if I’m the Cleaner in Chief, cleaning isn’t my favorite way to spend my free time. So I want to do it efficiently. I found 4 years ago that habits are the simplest way to achieve this goal. I spent time creating them, but it’s worth it. Three hours a week are enough to invite people in at any time without blushing.

Society expects us to work full-time, have a sparkling home, and homemade meals on the table every day. For the Cleaners in Chief, this is not sustainable. I can’t defeat this system alone. But I can help you get more free time, one habit at a time.

When I’m not helping busy people get their cleaning done, I’m most likely cooking vegan food, reading romance books, or squeeing over a cat (yes, I love these felines that much)

Inside The Lazy Cat’s Guide to a Clean Home, you’ll find:


Daily emails for a “kick my behind” accountability


Tips and exercises to help you get in the right state of mind for building your house habit


A workbook to collect in one place all you need to boost your motivation


Weekly Voxer office hours so that you can pick my habit-fuelled kitty brain to answer your burning questions

If you’re a person wanting to improve their cleaning efficiency and you can find 5 to 10 minutes daily for a straightforward task, this challenge is for you.

But, if you have a perfectly curated cleaning routine, or prefer to clean all at once to forget it later, you’d better skip the challenge. You won’t get the most you could from it.

Yes you can! The habit you’ll create will help you keep an area of your house cleaner. This zone will help you get motivation to keep cleaning the rest of your home, a space at a time.

You’ll need to be motivated as the challenge starts. But one of the goals of this challenge is to teach you how to maintain your motivation more easily so you can keep cleaning without dragging your feet.

You’ll need 5 to 10 minutes daily to accomplish your cleaning task and during the 2 first weeks, you’ll get small exercises to do. They should not exceed 15 minutes to complete.

The Lazy Cat’s Guide to a Clean Home includes

  • Daily emails to keep you accountable
  • Tips and exercises, so you learn how to build your habit for lasting results
  • A workbook so you find all your motivation boosters in one place
  • Weekly Voxer office hours to get my answers to your habit-related questions

My health won’t allow me to stay awake all night, but you’ll be able to send me your questions the day before. I’ll reply during my day and follow up the next day if needed.

Sticking to a habit is not as simple as it looks. Having motivation is one of the keys, but crossing each day on your habit tracker won’t be enough to keep it. During the challenge, you’ll learn how to maintain it so you keep momentum after the first week.

No problem! Send me an email at & I’ll get back to you shortly.

Ready to create a house habit that sticks?

Join The Lazy Cat’s Guide to a Clean Home to keep your house clean — without sacrificing your free time.

You can have it for $17.

Workbook to create a house habit

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